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Thank you all for your kind words and also for taking time to send them:

„I really enjoyed attending your excellent meeting in Prague. Thank you.“
Prof. Anthony Tu, USA
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

„It was nice to participate in the FFF 2018. It was interesting and I hope we will have more opportunities to work together in the near future. I am looking forward meeting you at the FUTURE FORCES FORUM in October 2020 in Prague.“
BG (Res.) Abraham (Avi) Bachar, Israel
Founder & CEO IsraTeam 98 LTD

„Thank you for invitation and it was really my pleasure participate on Geometoc. Always is very useful exchange the experience and knowledge, and particularly meet the old friends, I enjoyed this short visit of Prague.“
Mrs. Branka Ivancan-Picek, Croatia
CEO Meteorological and Hydrological Service

„Thank you and the members of the FFF Team.  I've spoken to others of the increasing development of the FUTURE FORCES FORUM 2018...simply amazing.
The continued efforts of the FFF Team makes the Forum a success.  I appreciate the opportunity to play a small role in that success.  THANK YOU!“

Mr. Cornelious (Ham) Doraton, USA
US Army NATO Standardization Representative

„We consider the event successful and I can say that the cooperation with you was excellent. I believe that we will participate in an exhibition / forum in a similar format in the future. I wish you many more successful events and satisfied customers.“
Mr. Peter Püšpöky, Czech Republic
CEO,  DELINFO, spol. s r.o.

„The NATO Army Armaments Group (NAAG) Land Capability Group Dismounted Soldier System (LCGDSS) and Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Capability Group (JNLWCG) were kindly invited by the Czech Republic Ministry of Defence for holding their Fall 2018 meetings in conjunction with the Future Forces Forum 2018 (FFF 2018).
The excellent hospitality of the Czech Authorities and the outstanding support of the Organizers of the FFF enabled the two very important communities of the NATO Land and Joint Armaments domain to meet in Prague, building extremely valuable interactions with industries and other communities, and contributing to the panels and conferences by assuming lead roles.
Prague has been the venue for LCGDSS and JNLWCG meetings over many years, and the groups experienced tremendous benefits of being co-located with FFF. The benefits have significantly increased in parallel with the remarkable growth of this important event.
The NATO Army Armaments Group expresses gratitude to the Czech Republic and the FFF organizers for their excellent hospitality, and looks forward to the healthy continuation of this excellent cooperation in the future.“

Mr. Osman Tasman
NATO Land Armaments Coordinator , Secretary to the NATO Army Armaments Group

„I would like to thank you and your colleagues for all the professional support before and during the conference! It was a very enriching experience to attend. I would like to participate at the next conference again.“
Mr. Frank Klimaschewski, Germany
Researcher / Lecturer / Consultant Helmut-Schmidt University Hamburg

„Thank you very much for your support before and during the FFF 2018. For us it was a very good event, organisation wise as well as from customer´s side.“
Mr. Mark O. Milewski, Germany
GARANT Schutztechnik GmbH

„Thank you. It is always a delightful event when ever I have attended.“
Mr. Hamid Ashraf, Pakistan
Wits Mining Institute, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

„I would like to thank everyone - Ministry of the Interior, the General Directorate of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, the Institute of Population Protection, we have cooperated in the preparation of the exposition within the Future Forces Forum 2018.
I greatly appreciate the helpfulness and professional support of the organizers, who helped us with the preparation and versatile security of the exposition of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic at the stand and thus contributed significantly to the success of the exhibition for promotion of all-round activity of firefighters in the eyes of the professional public.“

Mr. Hubert Janota, Czech Republic
Ministry of the Interior, the General Directorate of the Fire Rescue Service

„Hello, thank you very much for the invitation and the possibility of active participation in the FFF. The event was at a high organizational and content level.“
LTC Jiří Basaraba, Czech Republic
Department of IT Development and Operations Police Presidium

„It was an honor to work with you. As always, this event is an opportunity to meet many interesting people - I am glad that I was allowed to do this.“
Mrs. Ladislava Navrátilová, Czech Republic
Ministry of the Interior - Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic

„We enjoyed participating in FFF2018. Let’s stay in touch and we already look forward to the next edition in 2020. Note - Please don’t forget to thank all the guys and ladies in Prague who did the hard work!“
L.M. (Luc) de Beer, BEng, IPMA B, The Netherlands
Projectleader VOSS (improVed Operational Soldier System)

„Thank you for inviting me. It was my privilege.“
BG (Res) Ofer Tsafrir, Israel
Maneuvering Program Manager, Bagira Systems

„Let me thank you for the smooth organisation at FFF, which allowed me to work in a perfect scenario as usual. Looking forward coming back to beautiful Prague in two-years time, and thanking you again for your assistance.“
Paolo Valpolini, Italy
Land Affairs Editor, European Defence & Security Review

„Thank you for the opportunity to participate and share new scientific knowledge.“
LTC Pavel Otřísal Ph.D., MBA, Czech Republic
Chief of CBRN Corps Section, NBC Defence Institute, University of Defence

„Thank you, the arrangements of FFF were outstanding, as were the medical and CBRN sessions I attended.“
Prof. Simo Nikkari MD, Finland
Director of the Centre for Biothreat Preparedness, Director of the Research and Development Department, Centre for Military Medicine in Finland

„It was a real honour for me and I had some very good discussions at FFF and the LCC.“
Mrs. Susanne Michaelis Ph.D., Germany
Officer (Smart Energy and Environment), Energy Security Section, Emerging Security Challenges Division (ESCD), NATO

 „Thank you for organizing the show and we wish you and your colleagues a lot of successful projects like this one.“
Mr. Pék Ladislav, Czech Republic
Development Business Manager, SVOS spol. s r.o.

„Everything was so fantastically prepared for our meeting, we were all very happy. All the members were happy with the hotel, the breaks, the lunches, the trip to the Forum and the Special Event. On behalf of the Chairman, Mr. Maas and all of the delegates we want to thank you for your excellent work in making our meeting a complete success.“
Mr. Christopher P. Hughes
MILVA / NGVA Secretary
„It was my pleasure to come to FFF 2018 and share the results of my work with the audience..“
Mr. Tomáš Rosa, Ph.D., Czech Republic
External consultant, National Cyber and Information Security Agency
„It was an honor to attend FFF 2018.“
MAJ Veronika Dočkalová, Czech Republic
Senior Officer Training and Education Department, NATO JCBRN Defence COE

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