Daniel Kočí

Daniel Kočí

Ladies and gentlemen, business partners, FFF participants and supporters,

This October, Prague will again become the meeting centre of domestic and foreign defence and security leaders and specialists under the already established Future Forces Forum (FFF).

Domestic and international institutions and organizations taking part in its professional focus, aiming at the most effective cooperation of the public and the private sector are closely involved into the preparation of this long-term, continuous project to support the interests of industry, government, science, research and education, linking both the military and civilian sectors. Among the most important institutions with stable involvement are the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic and the Army of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic, the Police Presidium, the Fire Rescue Corps, the Prison Service, the Customs Administration and other important state bodies. We also rely on broad institutional support and the professional involvement of many scientific and research organizations. Many leaders of the Alliance countries and their partners, EU structures and representatives of world security are again heading to Prague.

The current security situation, as well as the challenges and risks in this area in the coming years, increasingly require a comprehensive approach and international cooperation to prevent these risks, or eventually to address them. Our project fully reflects these needs and offers a unique venue along with an ideal environment for experts from around the world to meet and discuss. By broadly compiling actions and activities at a high political, military and security level, including the formal deliberations of expert working groups, FFF deliberately fulfils this intention.

The Future Forces Forum is constantly expanding and has broaden of other expert events, some of which have been divided into strategic and operational levels, the number of expert working group meetings has grown, exhibitors have increased, and some novelties will be introduced for the first time. We also focused on the auditorium and we are successfully trying to bring in more and more significant participants. We believe that the potential of our forum will grow further, and that it will mean more knowledge, more contacts and overall greater benefits to all of you.

In the framework of the exhibition, professional program, static and dynamic demonstrations, participants will have the opportunity to be directly introduced to the latest technologies in armament and equipment of the armed forces and other security forces, means of protection against weapons of mass destruction, critical infrastructure protection, population protection, unmanned and robotic technologies, capabilities that can be used in migration measures, border protection, defence against terrorism, principles of cyber security and ethics, crisis management systems, military-civilian cooperation (CIMIC), logistics solutions (Smart Energy, water and fuel security, storage, transport), the use of innovative materials and others.

The FFF is a platform for meeting leading experts, research and development staff, academia and representatives of the acquisition offices with industry and business representatives establishing contacts and developing cooperation to ensuring the necessary defence and security at national and international level. It presents the interests, needs and acquisition plans of armed forces, corps of the Integrated Rescue System (Police, Fire Rescue Corps, and Emergency Health Services), prison services and other uniformed units, domestic and foreign state administration, self-government, industry, latest science, research and education results. It interconnects and transforms the targeted public and private sector interest into effective long-term cooperation.

Finally, let me thank all top representatives both from the Czech Republic and abroad, all our partners, especially LOM PRAHA and VOP CZ, the Czech Technical University (ČVUT), for the very important support, which we highly appreciate. I would also like to express my wish that this year's thirteenth continuation of the Future Forces project in Prague brings once again to its participants many valuable insights and new contacts, business opportunities and overall professional enrichment. I believe that the Future Forces Forum will build on the undisputed success of the past years and will once again become a welcome opportunity for a joint meeting in a friendly work atmosphere.

On behalf of the entire Future Forces Forum team, I cordially invite you to take part of the FFF and look forward to seeing you in Prague.

Daniel Kočí
Chief Executive Officer of FFF

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