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Mrs. Laura Cochrane

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Director of Medical and Clinical Affairs
Emergent Countermeasures International


In Vitro Evaluation of RSDL® Product for Efficacy to Select Dermal Toxic Chemical Compounds


RSDL® (Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion Kit) is intended to remove or neutralize chemical warfare agents from the skin. Emergency Responders posed several questions of its possible applicability with other dermal threats or toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), and a complex study was undertaken to evaluate efficacy for up to thirteen (13) chemical compounds.



The selected chemical compounds were proposed for evaluation included: sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, ammonia solution, fentanyl, capsaicin, methylamine, hydrazine solution, phenylhydrazine, ethylene dibromide, acrolein, formaldehyde, acrylonitrile and azaridine.

Due to the complex proposal of study, a staged approach was proposed as method. The development of requisite analytical procedures with a limit of quantification in stage 1. The application of those methods in the actual determination of surface panel decontamination tests in stage 2. And finally, should outcomes of the first stages prove positive, a kinetic degradation test for particular chemicals of interest.



Method development, depending on compounds, found use of LC-MS, GC-MS and ion mobility chromatography as the analytical methods.  Analytical methods dictated a next step to surface studies, and ten (10) compounds in total were evaluated to NATO protocols for surface decontamination, yielding (>97%) efficacy.  Two compounds of interest, Fentanyl and Capsaicin were evaluated for reactivity kinetics.



Preliminary efficacy was determined against method development and surface decontamination for use in developing in-vitro data or use on equipment.  Next step studies are then needed target mode of action understanding of reactivity and pre-clinical studies for applicability to use on skin.

Curriculum Vitae

Laura works for Emergent Countermeasures International UK as the Director of Medical and Clinical Affairs.  Laura received her degree in Chemical and Materials engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada, and has been several years working in Military medical countermeasure research programs.

She has specialized for the last 20 years in CBRN chemistry and applications to the decontamination, medical countermeasures with specialty in pharmaceutical device development and research programs. 

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