Ludy Suryantoro


Mr. Ludy Suryantoro

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Team Leader - Strategic Partnership for International Health Regulations (IHR 2005) and Health Security (SPH), Country Health Emergency and IHR Department (CPI) of World Health Emergency Programme (WHE)
World Health Organization (WHO)

Curriculum Vitae

Ludy Suryantoro is a result-oriented professional with background of international relations and political affairs specialist who is currently leading the Team Leader of WHO Strategic Partnership for IHR and Health Security team within the Department of Country Health Emergencies and IHR (CPI) of country assessment capacity Unit. As a Team leader, he is responsible for Strategic Partnership for IHR and health security by strengthening the multisectoral collaboration and partnership for country health emergency preparedness. The SPH team is responsible for facilitating strategic cooperation and partnership between and within Member States along with regional and international partners and donors and networks aimed at improving and protecting global public health risks. Issues covered by Mr. Suryantoro encompass various Strategic Partnerships across WHO programmes such as Influenza pandemic preparedness, Operational readiness, Antimicrobial Resistance, Universal Health Coverage, Health system strengthening and financing, climate change dimension of health security. In the context of Strategic Partnership Network, he collaborate with key partners such as FAO, OIE, World Bank and other regional development banks, G7, G20, APEC, BRICs, World Economic Forum for the private sector collaboration for health security. Previously, Mr. Suryantoro worked at the Secretariat of General Agreement Tariff and Trade (currently WTO) where he was responsible for the negotiation on market access and textile negotiation. Mr. Suryantoro joined WHO health system department in 1998 where he covered health system issues related to cost effectiveness and health financing. He was also responsible for mobilization of multi-country study on gender and violence. Prior to his current at WHO, he worked as Advisor to the Assistant Director General for Health Security (formerly known as HSE).  Over the years, Mr. Suryantoro has substantially contributed to major resource mobilization activities for WHO, particularly related to the past global outbreak of SARS, H5N1, H1N1, One Health, Marburg, Yellow Fever, Cholera and H7N9. In 2005, he lead the mobilization of funds for pandemic influenza preparedness plan, and from 2006 to 2008 have successfully managed the joint management of avian influenza work with OIE and FAO under collaboration with Canada. 2009, his work resulted in the establishment of WHO’s first Public Health Emergency Fund for H1N1. From 2011 to 2014, Mr Suryantoro has been involved with the Global Partnership and CBRN issues.  In 2017, Mr Suryantoro has developed a global initiative called Managing Future pandemic by strengthening military and civilian collaboration. This work is continuing through the development of country guide for operational national framework for military and civilian for pandemic preparedness and International Health Regulations.

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