Julio Ernesto Rodríguez


CPT Julio Ernesto Rodríguez

Future Forces Forum Logistics Capability Conference (LCC) 2018 Future Forces Exhibition 2018

Aeronautical Logistics Master Program Director
The Colombian Air Force Postgraduate School



Importance of ICTs in the control of information flows for planning demand and materials procurement logistics in highly un-standardized aircraft fleets

The operation of a highly diverse and heterogeneous aircraft fleet, demands the existence of multi-variable controls, where Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) become an essential element for effective management, enabling the foreseeing of the unscheduled demands of materials for their acquisition in a timely manner, improving the process of decision making and mitigating associated risks.

The structuring of an information system that supports the effective monitoring of the analysis and compliance of the Regulatory and Service Information (RSI) in the Colombian Air Force (COLAF) aircraft fleets, becomes a valuable resource that allows continuous airworthiness compliance and the integration of actors in the supply chain, contributing to the fulfillment of their mission objectives.

Curriculum Vitae

As of July 6, 2018, by decision of the Colombian Air Force (COLAF) Commander, Captain Julio Rodríguez is appointed to serve as Director of the Master's Degree in Aeronautical Logistics at the FAC Postgraduate School (EPFAC), program from which got graduated in 2017. The Officer has more than 20 years in the institution having started his career as a Non-Commissioned Officer (1997) performing as a Maintenance Technician specialized in jet engines and as A-37 Dragonfly aircraft crewmember. At the same time he studied Industrial Engineering (1998-2003) to became an Officer, performing latter as Head of Quality Control (2005-2010) responsible for technical verification and standardization of all purchases of uniforms, equipment and other supplies, coursing at the same time postgraduate studies in Integral Logistics at the Nueva Granada Military University  (2007). Later, working in the aeronautical logistics area as Head of the Technical Information Center (2010-2012), carried out an investigation for to develop and implement complementary applications to SAP for the registration and control of the large amount of technical information necessary for the operation and maintenance of all COLAF's aircrafts. Then, as a Maintenance Program Specialist, he developed policies for the standardization of maintenance programs (2012-2017) and carried out an investigation related to the control of component cannibalization.

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