Engineer Hasan Ahmed Abd ElMagied


Dr. Engineer Hasan Ahmed Abd ElMagied

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Vice Chairman
Ministry of State for Military Production

Curriculum Vitae

Current Position:

Deputy to the Minister of Military Production.

 Educational Background:

1989 - 1993: PhD Degree in Liquid Rocket Propellants (Chemical Engineering), entitled “Some factors affecting the stability and compatibility of propellant hydrazine” Cranfield Institute of Technology - CIT Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham, The United Kingdom.

1985 - 1987: Master Degree in Solid Rocket Propellants (Chemical Engineering); entitled “Computerized Mathematical Models for Burning and Performance Characteristics of Solid Rocket Propellants” - Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt.

1973 - 1978: Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering (First of the Department) - Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt.


Work Experience and Previously Occupied Positions:

 1978 – 1981: Engineering Company Commander, Infantry Brigade, Egyptian Armed Forces.

1982 – 1985: Engineering Battalion Chief of staff, Bridges Brigade, Egyptian Armed Forces.

1987 – 1989: Research Group Member, Industrial sector, Armament Authority, Egyptian Armed Forces.

1989 – 1993 PhD Student – United Kingdom

1993 – 2001: Head of R&D Sub branch for Chemical and Ammunition Projects, R&D Branch, R&D Sector, Armament Authority, Egyptian Armed Forces.

2001 – 2007: Head of R&D Branch, R&D Sector, Armament Authority, Egyptian Armed Forces.

2008 – 2011 (30/6/2011): Head of R&D Sector and Assistant to the Chief Officer of the Armament Authority for R&D, Egyptian Armed Forces.

Dec. 2011 – July. 2012  Chief of Chemical Administration Authority.

Feb. 2012 – Mar. 2016 Chairman of Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality(EOS)

Aug 2013- Sept 2014 Chief of Industrial Control Authority in addition to the position of Chairman of EOS


Published Papers and Research Projects:

 “Computer program for burning rate evaluation for composite and Nitra mine rocket propellants” - 19th International Annual Conference of ICI.

“Some chemical and physical characteristics of electro-polished 304L stainless steel surface” - The Arab International Conference on Material Science.

“Methods of modifying the Cr/Fe ratio at 304L stainless steel surface” - 5thConference on Mechanical Engineering in the Military Technical College.

“Complexes of chromium III, manganese II and nickel II with methyl hydrazine carboxylate and 1.1-dimethyl hydrazine carboxylate ligands” - Journal of Transition Metal Chemistry (Volume 19).

“An E-nose based hand held explosive detection equipment” – Technology and Armament Magazine (Volume 15).

“Activation energy of HMX via thermal decomposition” - 27th International Pyrotechnics Seminar.

Participation in 14 international conferences in different fields of Engineering

Participated in the Execution of 18 Military Projects within Area of Expertise for the Armed Forces.

Editor –in- chief for Technology and Armament Magazine for Egyptian Armed Forces Since Jan. 2008 till now.

 Other Experiences:

 Member of the board of Directors of Egyptian syndicate of Engineers chemical and nuclear division (1986-1990).

Member of Board of Directors Aviation research Centre, Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI).

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