Jacek Kitlinski

Prison Service Poland

GEN Jacek Kitlinski

Future Forces Forum

Director General of the Central Board of Prison Service
Ministry of Justice

Curriculum Vitae

Gen. Jacek Kitliński graduated from the Socio-Pedagogical Faculty of the Pedagogical College in Rzeszów (later: University of Rzeszów). He completed his postgraduate studies in the field of human resource management at the Faculty of Management and Command of the National Defense University and also at the University of Warsaw. He passed the examination for candidates for members of supervisory boards of state-owned enterprises. He completed specialized courses in the field of psychological assistance at the Institute of the Psychology of Health and Sobriety in Warsaw, as well as in the field of human rights and freedoms that was organized by the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights. He started his work in the Prison Service in 1993 as junior social worker in Żytkowice Prison. In 1995 he was transferred to the prison in Rzeszów. Since 2000, he served as inspector and senior inspector at the Penitentiary Office of the Central Board of Prison Service in Warsaw. He returned to Rzeszów in 2003 in order to take up the posts of: a penitentiary specialist at the Regional Inspectorate of the Prison Service and that of a spokesman for the Sub-Carpathian Prison Service. He was appointed the Regional Director of the Prison Service in Rzeszów on 1 January 2007, Deputy Director General of the Prison Service on 25 March 2013 and Director General of the Prison Service on 30 January 2015.

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