Abdullah Ali Ahmed Alsaghery Alhmoudi

POLICE United Arab Emirates

MAJ Dr. Abdullah Ali Ahmed Alsaghery Alhmoudi

Future Forces Forum World CBRN & MEDICAL Congress (CEBIRAM) 2018 Future Forces Exhibition 2018

Police Force in Abu Dhabi


CBRN Innovation Lab: a platform for improving risk knowledge and warning of CBRN hazards in Abu Dhabi

The impacts and costs of hazards on people, properties and environment are often severe when they occur especially with no warning system in place. The lack of early warning system (EWS), and limited knowledge of potential impact of hazard in some communities in the UAE have emphasised the need for more effective early warning systems. This work paper examines the use of innovation lab to improve understanding of potential impacts of hazards, and as EWS tool in the UAE. Identifying elements of EWS from literature helped to develop the framework for structuring and implementing activities in the innovation lab using a comprehensive hazard approach that focuses on Chemical, Biological, Nuclear and Radiation (CBRN) risks; knowledge of which is very low in the UAE. Abu Dhabi population was surveyed to determine knowledge of hazards of CBRN, while 8 managers in Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) were interviewed to further understand the role of innovation lab in improving current knowledge level. The research outcome revealed that knowledge and warning of CBRN hazards in the UAE is low, and may be improved through the use of innovation lab.

Curriculum Vitae

Major Dr. Abdullah Ali Ahmed Al Saghery Al Alhmoudi is a distinguished and creative officer who always looks forward to the best. He has been granted many rewards and local and international recognition. He held a variety of positions in General Directorate for Central Operations at Abu Dhabi Police (Public Safety & Emergency department). He started his career as a leading field officer for field teams then moved from position to higher proofing his eligibility. Currently he holds the position of the immediate supervisor for the activation of excellence and creativity in Public Safety & Emergency department. He also supervises implementing creativity and strategic thinking, excellence and brainstorming skills of the employees and officer of the Directorate. Major Abdullah holds a Ph.D. from United Kingdom, University of Salford on developing the early warning in the security field in UAE and on how to involve the community in the confrontation operations through leadership and excellence in field and administrative operations.

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