Jiří Kačer

Research & Development Czech Republic

Ing. Jiří Kačer Ph.D.

Future Forces Forum World CBRN & MEDICAL Congress (CEBIRAM) 2018 Future Forces Exhibition 2018

professional assistant
University of Defense, Faculty of Military Technology



Physiological Data Monitoring of Air Forces Members During Training

Air force members can in the fulfilling of their mission often get to many complex situations, which make extremely load and even overload. The aim of our article is to describe the current state and our contribution to development of systems and methods for measurement and evaluation of the behavior of air force members, i.e. pilots, ATC staff and ground staff members. First part of article deals with the systems and methods for measuring of physical and medical data (heart rate, EEG, breathing rate, body temperature, movement activity and perspiration intensity) to quantitatively describe the state and behavior of the air force members. Second part of article is focused on application of state and behavior indicators in evaluating of behavior of air force members. We present, how were the methods of quantitative evaluation created, and interpretation performed. The result is methodology and system for monitoring and evaluation of the biological-psychical state of air force members. The proposed system is used for simultaneous measurement of the physiological data of members of the team during their training. The physiological data are transferred to the commander visualization unit for further evaluation. Designed systems and methods could help to monitor, on the base of physiological data and data from simulators, the stress load of team members.

Curriculum Vitae

Jiri Kacer works at University of Defense, Faculty of Military Technology as assistant professor from 1998. He worked on a number of research projects. He is Head of the Air Traffic Group, Air Force Department, University of Defense. He specializes in preparation, execution and assessments of military pilots, air traffic controllers as well as ground support crews. He was Head of the Air Force Department, University of Defense (2012-2016).

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