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GPCAPT Glen Storrar

Future Forces Forum World CBRN & MEDICAL Congress (CEBIRAM) 2018 Future Forces Exhibition 2018

Director Future Health Capability
Australian Defence Force


Australian CBR Medical Countermeasure research

CBRN weapons and improvised devices present a threat to military and civilian populations across the globe. In response to this threat, modern militaries and civilian response agencies must be prepared to perform their primary roles in a range of complex CBRN environments.

 To perform its operational roles – including support to domestic counter-terrorism incidents, humanitarian assistance and disaster response, non-combatant evacuation and other global military operations – the Australian Defence Force (ADF) requires a flexible CBRN response capability that enables it to operate across a range of environments and threat scenarios.

 To support the ADF’s operational capabilities, the Surgeon General ADF seeks enduring science and technology (S&T) solutions to ensure that appropriate CBRND Medical Countermeasures are developed, maintained and available to meet current and emerging improvised threats. This requires a coordinated and broad ranging approach to CBRND S&T capability development and access to specialist advice. The current Australian Defence program encompasses development of countermeasures for the treatment and prophylaxis of a wide range of chemical and biological agents, as well as a concerted effort on field deployable diagnostics.

This presentation will provide an overview of Australia’s Defence CBR Medical Countermeasures research program with detail on a number of the key research projects.

Curriculum Vitae

Group Captain Glen Storrar is the Royal Australian Air Force’s senior Environmental Health Officer. He worked in local government prior to joining the Air Force in 1996 and has subsequently performed a range of specialist health positions within the Australian Defence Force, including command of an Air Force Expeditionary Health Squadron and on deployment overseas. He holds post-graduate qualifications in environmental health, occupational hygiene and business and is a member of Environmental Health Professionals Australia. He has been selected as the incoming Director Future Health Capability and will oversee CBR Medical Countermeasure research efforts on behalf of the Surgeon General Australian Defence Force from November 2018.

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