Tiina Raijas


Ms. Tiina Raijas

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Ministerial Advisor
Ministry of Defence


Breaking the Barriers – Finnish Approach to CBRNE Preparedness 

Curriculum Vitae

Ms Tiina Raijas is Ministerial Advisor at the Finnish MOD's Defence Policy Department, at the Defence Cooperation Unit. She also acts as a Deputy Director of the Unit. She has a M.Soc.Sc in International Politics and in International Law.

Ms Raijas has been working at the Defence Administration since 2004. First she held a position in the Defence Command (Arms Control/WMD) before heading to MOD in 2005, WMD non-proliferation and CBRN Defence being her specialty. At the moment she is responsible for coordinating the Finnish CBRN Defence and WMD non-proliferation and arms control issues for the Defence Administration.

Ms Raijas has a broad experience on multisectoral cooperation on CBRN and other wider security issues. She also has missile defence and counter terrorism on her portfolio. She has also worked within conventional arms control. Ms Raijas has a strong experience on multilateral CBRN/WMD forums and conferences, as for example NPT, BTWC, CWC, Global Partnership and GHSA.

She had also a key role in the planning and coordinating the Finnish Defence Forces’ participation to the removal of Syrian chemical weapons.

Ms Raijas has also acted several periods as the Chair of the Board of the Finnish Centre for Biothreat Preparedness (BUOS) since its establishment in 2005. BUOS is a centre for excellence between the Finnish Defence Forces and the National Institute for Health and Welfare.

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