Willem Zuidema

United Nation Netherlands

Mr. Willem Zuidema

Future Forces Forum Logistics Capability Conference (LCC) 2018 Future Forces Exhibition 2018

Chief, Supply Chain Service (SCS)
United Nations Global Service Centre


Supply Chain management in UN Peacekeeping

In 2015 the UN developed  a Global Supply Chain Strategy with the aim to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Supply Chain for Peacekeeping Operations. The 5-year Program is now in its third year of implementation. In this session we will  provide an insight into the specific challenges in Peace Keeping,  share an update on key SCM developments, and elaborate on relevant themes such as environmental aspects, security and how the UN deploys innovative technologies.

Curriculum Vitae

Willem Zuidema joined the UN Global Service Centre (UNGSC) in Brindisi, Italy in February 2017 as Chief, Supply Chain Service (SCS) and is responsible for the global support to UN Missions in the areas of logistics, planning, warehousing, strategic deployment capability for Mission start-ups, asset management, engineering and environmental support. The SCS plays a contributing role to the Supply Chain and Environmental Strategy implementation for worldwide Peace Keeping Operations. 

Prior to joining the United Nations, Willem worked for 15 years in the energy sector with the multinational Shell where he held positions in General Management, Supply Chain and Procurement.   He was most recently based in South Africa and in Singapore, before which he was based in London and at the Shell Headquarters in The Hague.  Willem is a Dutch national who holds an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management, and a Master’s Degree in European Studies from the University of Amsterdam.

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