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Stefan Kowitz

CBRN, Medical & Rescue Service Germany

BG Stefan Kowitz MD, MBA

Future Forces Forum World CBRN & MEDICAL Congress (CEBIRAM) 2018 Future Forces Exhibition 2018

Medical Advisor of NATO’s Allied Command Operations


New challenges for NATO demand the civilian military medical interface

Curriculum Vitae

Brigadier General (MD) Dr. med. Stefan Kowitz, MBA


General Medicine Physician; Executive MBA Health Care



Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Department

of Military, Disaster and Law Enforcement Medicine Faculty

of Medicine of Semmelweis University Budapest)


Married, 4 Children and 5 grandchildren


Military career:

March 1979: entry into military service as a medical officer candidate

Medical degree at University of Köln and Gießen

Clinical Training and Education at Military Hospital in Gießen and Koblenz

Director of Medical Centre, Rennerod

Commander of Medical Squadron AFCENT Brunssum /NLD

Commander of Medical Battalion 11, Leer

Commander of Field Hospital Regiment 11, Fürstenau

Section chief at the Surgeon General of the Army, Mönchengladbach/Koblenz

Assistant chief of the “Bundeswehr Joint Medical Service“ activation staff, MoD Bonn

G3 Regional Medical Command I, Kiel

Deputy G3 Joint Medical Forces Command (Operations, Exercises, STRATAIRMEDEVAC)


Medical Advisor to the JFC HQ, Brunssum, / NLD

Chief Division X (Further Development, Capability Analysis and Research) of the

Bundeswehr Medical Office, Munich

Chief of Division I (Medical Service Planning, International Cooperation Concepts and

Development) of the German Joint Service Headquarters, Koblenz

Director of the NATO Center of Excellence for Military Medicine, Budapest/HUN


Current assignment:

Since August 2016 Medical Advisor for the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) / Allied Command Operations (ACO) for NATO


Deployments abroad:

1995 Deputy Commander of German Field Hospital, TROGIR, HRV

2005 Medical Director and Advisor at HQ ISAF KABUL, AFG

2011 Commander of German Medical Task Force (26. DEU Contingent ISAF), AFG



Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon

Hungarian Service Medial of Merit in Gold Grade


United Nations Medal


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