Miroslav Švejda

Czech Republic

Mr. Miroslav Švejda Dipl. Eng., MA

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2018

Defence Policy and Strategy - Capabilities Development
Ministry of Defence

Curriculum Vitae

Mr. Miroslav ŠVEJDA has been a state employee of the CZE MoD, Defence Policy and Strategy since 2000. He graduated from the University of Defence, CZE, – Radars and Command Systems, and from the Naval Postgraduate School, USA – Civil Military Relations. During his military career on every level he also spent some time in Iraq as a sector commander of UN mission and in Kosovo as a political adviser of NATO-led mission. Mr. Miroslav ŠVEJDA has been working in various positions within CZE MoD, currently he holds a position of a principal national representative to NATO Science and Technology Organization, System Analysis and Studies panel as well as to the Alliance’s Concept Development and Experimentation. He is also a national director of the US-led Multinational Capability Development Campaign that has been focusing on autonomous systems since 2013.

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