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Jasper Groenewegen


Mr. Jasper Groenewegen

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 Future Soldier Systems Conference (FSSC) 2016

Specialist Energy Storage


Standard Architecture for Soldier Power System

The European Defence Agency facilitates the development of a Standard Architecture for.Soldier Systems (STASS). As a first step, a consortium consisting of Rheinmetall Defence Electronics, Larimart, Fraunhofer ICT and DNV GL is tasked to develop the soldier power system (SPS). The SPS represents a comprehensive architecture for the power aspect of soldier systems.

The purpose of this architecture is to promote interoperability and interchangeability for national dismounted soldier programmes. The SPS will help to minimize physical, operational and cognitive burden of the soldier, stimulate continuous improvement of components and reduce costs.

The soldier power architecture provides interfaces that comply with publically available open standards. The possibility for modular components to connect to the system via these interfaces promotes third party competition and makes it possible to connect COTS to the system. This will promote innovation, diversity and reduce the costs of an integrated soldier power system.


Curriculum Vitae

Mr. Jasper Groenewegen has over 6 years of experience in the field of energy storage and soldier power solutions. For the Dutch MoD, Jasper supports the Defence Centre of Expertise for Soldier and Equipment with technical expertise on batteries, fuel cells and power management solutions. He participates in the NATO Land Capability Group for Dismounted Soldier System in the Power Team of Experts. Currently he participates in the EDA STASS project to develop a standard architecture for soldier power systems. He holds a Master’s degree in Materials Science & Engineering of Delft University of Technology.  

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