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Lukáš Kypus

Czech Republic

Mr. Lukáš Kypus

Future Forces Forum

Head of Training
CyberGym Europe


The role of human factor in cyber-defense and how to handle?

Curriculum Vitae

Lukas Kypus received his master’s degree on Brno University of technology. In last 16 years he worked for international ICT integrators (Banking & Retail), Telco/Mobile operators and providers from technical (system engineer, architect) up to the managerial positions as ISO. He participated on many security projects from technology integration point of view, through security audits, vulnerability management and frameworks reviews up to the implementation of information security awareness training program. Lukas joined CyberGym Europe and became responsible for Cyber defence security training programs preparation and delivery. He is closely in touch with Cyber security academia community since he is in 4th year of his PhD study at Czech technical university in Prague.

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