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Jozef Sabol

POLICE Czech Republic

Assoc. Prof. Jozef Sabol Ph.D., DSc.

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 CBRN Workshop 2016

Department of Crisis Management
Police Academy of the Czech Republic


Recent Developments in the Prevention, Detection, Response and Mitigation of Consequences Related to the CBRN Threat

The paper discusses the current approach of major worldwide players, including NATO, EU and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as well as other UN relevant organizations and agencies specializing in specific CBRN aspects, to fighting global CBRN danger and reducing its impact on the health of the population and the contamination of the environment. Special attention will be paid to the monitoring and assessment of radioactive substances released in case of nuclear accidents or radiological attacks in terms of the exposure of rescue teams and other persons affected by external radiation and internal radioactive contamination. In addition to an overview of international standards and recommendations relevant to the CBRN threats, the national strategy of the Czech Republic has also been examined. Some basic principles  and importance of communicating the CBRN risks to the public has also been shortly outlined.

Co-author: Mr. Bedřich ŠESTÁK

Curriculum Vitae

At present, Dr J Sabol is a staff member of the Department of Crisis Management, Faculty of Safety Management, at the Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague where he is mainly engaged in lecturing on introduction to natural sciences, dangerous substances, industrial accidents and protection against CBRN agents and WMD with special emphasis on radiological terrorism. He participates in research carried out at the Police Academy focusing on the population protection and is also involved in some projects under various EU programmes addressing CBRN related fields. Mr Sabol worked for several years at various international institutions and universities where he was involved in a variety of areas related to radiation protection, nuclear safety and protection against hazardous materials including radioactive contamination and its effects on the exposure of workers, members of the public and the environment. These assignments included International Atomic Energy Agency (Austria), National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan), Pebble Bed Nuclear Modular Reactors, Ltd. (South Africa) and some others. Mr Sabol is an author of 8 monographs (including two books published in English in the USA and Singapore), more than 200 scientific papers and presented about 100 lectures at various international conferences. 

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