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Jiří Militký

Research & Development Czech Republic

Prof. Jiří Militký MSc, PhD, EURING

Future Forces Forum

Head of Department of Material Engineering, Faculty of Textile Engineering
Technical University of Liberec


How Can Textiles Meet Requirements of Future Soldiers?

The main aim of this contribution is presentation of basic requirements of future soldiers’ uniform from point of view of textile technology possibilities and real potential developments in area of smart textiles and new materials. Majority of prognosis of future uniforms are till yet based on too optimistic extrapolation of currently existing scientific achievements without correct description of both pros and cons. The aspects of durability, maintenance, aging and influence of external conditions (mainly weather) are not discussed. In this contribution the aspect of comfort especially in extreme weather conditions, electromagnetic shielding and thermal signature reduction, C/B protection, antimicrobial protection, reducing flammability, self-cleaning potential and wearable electronics will be comprehensively discussed. The forecasts based on the knowledge of limitations of known solutions will be proposed as well.

Curriculum Vitae

Senior professor and head of material engineering department with titles in Textile Engineering from the Technical University of Liberec. Specialist in texile materials, quality control, textile metrology and modelling of textile structures. Hehas been actingas coordinator of textile oriented activities of national research center “TEXTIL” and actively working in several international  R&D projects and studies, related to standard and protective clothing and multifunctional textiles. Coordinator of recent projects namely for Defense Agencies abroad. He is author or coauthor of more than 20 scientific books 140 publications in international journals and about two times more no. of presentations at international conferences. He is in editorial boards of more than 5 international journals and member of scientific committees of many international conferences. 

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