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Walter Gaber

Medical & Rescue Service Germany

Dr. Walter Gaber MD

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 World CBRN & Medical Congress (CEBIRAM) 2016 Medical Workshop 2016

Vice President and Medical Director Frankfurt Airport
Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide


CEBIRAM: Medical Disaster Management at Frankfurt international Airport

MED WS:  Bioterrorism – the Real Threat?

Presentation World CBRN&Medical Congress:

Fraport AG is generally required to observe regulations and requirements of the government authorities in regard to emergency events. The actual responsibility for rescue and emergency physician services is in the hands of the Fire Control Center Frankfurt/Main.

Fraport AG has independently organized qualified chief emergency physicians and chief paramedics with the necessary medical equipment for major disasters.

At Fraport all doctors in the Airport Clinic (open 24 hours/365 days) are qualified as chief emergency physicians and public health agents (PHA). All paramedics are qualified as chief paramedics. The objective is to make these emergency physicians and paramedics available to the authorities in Frankfurt and the State of Hesse. Once being “transferred” in case of an emergency to the authorities, these colleagues will be able to assist emergency management in handling a disaster.

Rescue services at Fraport are equipped with 8 ambulances (all equipped as emergency physician vehicles) that are available around the clock. One to nine emergency physicians can be contacted via Swissphone immediately during regular working hours and would rush to the airport.

Fraport AG is well prepared in regard to medical treatment in case of a “disaster” or emergency event. Nonetheless, all responsible persons (government agencies) must know that Fraport or the Fire Control Center of Frankfurt city or another medical organization could not handle a “disaster” (airplane crash with 100 and more seriously injured persons like a A 380 e.g.) on their own.


Presentation Medical Workshop:

Within the changing world with attacks in paris and brussels we have to realize that the threat with biological agents might be possible at any time worldwide. Biological weapons can disseminate at a great distance, the clouds are invisible and the detection is quite difficult within a short time. Those kind of attacks will create panic and the medical capacities will be overwhelmed and there is only a short window for effective intervention. Awareness, training and close cooperation with all national and international agencies has to be optimized.

Curriculum Vitae

Vice President Human Resources Medical Director Consultant for national/international Airports Occupational physician, Emergency medicine Environmental medicine, Sports medicine Acupuncture, Chirotherapy Chief Medical Officer at Fraport Airport (PHA) Qualification as fire service physician Qualification as organizing manager for rescue operations Qualification as safety expert Medical Consultant for WHO, ACI, EAGOSH, nat. and int. organizations International trainer for Crisis Intervention since 20016 AWARDS 1995 Silver Pin award of “Arbeitsgemeinschaft gesunder Fückeri” (AGS) for committed work on a national level in various member associations 2004 Certificate of Appreciation Delta Airlines, Atlanta, USA for 15 years of medical support 20015 Certificate of Achievement Department of the Air Force (USA) for 20 years of outstanding support and unending cooperation 2008 Certification of Appreciation, State Department USA for continued support of medical operations for United States Government personnel through the Frankfurt Airport 2011 Certification of Appreciation, Mark A **** General USAF for medical support at the tragic event in March 2011 2013 Certificate of Appreciation, US Consulate for outstanding medical support

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