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Jiří Bajgar

CBRN, Medical & Rescue Service Research & Development Czech Republic

COL (Ret.) Assoc. Prof. Jiří Bajgar M.D., Sc.D.

Future Forces Forum

Department of Toxicology and Military Pharmacy, Faculty of Military Health Sciences
University of Defence


Some Possibilities to Study New Prophylactics Against Nerve Agent Poisoning

Nerve agents belong to the most dangereous chemical warfare agents and can be/were misused by terrorists. Effective prophylaxis and treatment is necessary to diminish their effect. General principles of prophylaxis are summarized (protection against acetylcholinesterase inhibition, detoxification, treatment “in advance” and use of different drugs). It is necessary to test effectivity in vivo and compare the results with protection in vitro. Though the number of possible prophylactics is relatively high, the only four drugs were introduced into practice. At present, PYRIDOSTIGMINE seems to be common prophylactic antidote; prophylactics PANPAL (tablets with pyridostigmine, trihexyphenidyle and benactyzine), TRANSANT (transdermal patch containing HI-6) are other means introduced into different armies as prophylactics. Scavenger commercionally available is Protexia. Future development will be focused on scavengers, and to other drugs either reversible cholinesterase inhibitors (e.g. huperzine A, physostigmine, acridine derivatives etc.) or other compounds. This work was supported by the Ministry of Defence, Czech Republic (Long-term organization development plan 1011).

Curriculum Vitae

Medical Faculty of Charles University in Hradec Kralove (1967); CSc. (1973), certification clin. biochemistry (1977), Assoc. Prof. (1981), DrSc. (1990). Former Head of the Department of Toxicology, Faculty of Military Health Sciences, University of Defence, Hradec Kralove. Research worker, Faculty Hospital, and University of Hradec Kralove (2015). Member of different Scientific or Editorial Boards. Study of effects of CWA, diagnosis, treatment, prophylaxis. Development of new antidotes against nerve agents including clinical testing. Coordinator of national/international projects. More than 260 publications; 298 lectures (many as invited speaker), 26 books (editor/ author/co-author). Awards - Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (1967); Unilever European Fellowship of the Biochemical Society (1969/70); Award of the Czechoslovak Medical Society (1973); European Science Foundation (1993); AACT/AAPCC International Scholarship (1995); Travel Scholarship IITRI Chicago (1996); 1st Prize, Czech Society for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology (2005); IUTOX/SOT Astra Zeneca Award (2007); the Prize of the Rector (University of Defence) for scientific work (2007). Member of the Czech delegation at the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva (1985-1993) and Ad hoc Group to the BTWC. Education of pharmacology and toxicology in the Czech Republic and abroad (OPCW, the Hague). Expertise and consultation activities.

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