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Petr Konvalinka

Research & Development Czech Republic

Prof. Petr Konvalinka

Future Forces Forum

Rector of the Czech Technical University in Prague, Head of the Experimental Centre Faculty of Civil Engineering.
Czech Technical University in Prague


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Curriculum Vitae

Petr Konvalinka graduated in Construction and Transport Structures from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of CTU in Prague. He has been teaching at CTU since the 1980s. He is involved in engineering applications and theory, is a co-author of patents, and is an authorized engineer in the field of statics and dynamics of structures. He has worked on structures implemented in the Czech Republic and abroad, for example the Kadlín observation tower, the footbridge in Beroun, and three bridges on the motorway between Gatwick and London. In recent years, he has been in charge of the Faculty of Civil Engineering’s Experimental Centre, and for eight years he was the president of the Academic Senate of CTU. He has been the rector of CTU since February 1st, 2014. He has set as his major aims as rector to maintain and strengthen the leading position of CTU in technical education in the Czech Republic, to improve the conditions for excellent research results in science, research, creative work and teaching, to improve collaboration with industrial companies, to improve the quality of technology transfer, to increase the mobility of academic staff and students, and to raise the profile of CTU considerably throughout society in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in the world. 

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