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Jiří Plachý

Research & Development Czech Republic

Dr. Jiří Plachý

Future Forces Forum

NATO LCG DSS Working Group


Natural Background of Electro-Optical Signatures

Measurement of electro-optical signatures of natural backgrounds is part of solution of CZE research project for general purpose camouflage pattern of BDUs. This project will solve new patterns effective in VIS and NIR part of electromagnetic spectrum and includes evaluation of current status within CZE and on the world as well, proposals of new patterns, lab and field measurements with lab samples and field BDUs, proposals of CZE military standards etc. The results from the project can be used by the CZE Ministry of Defence and armed forces for new decisions and preparation for producing of new BDUs.

Curriculum Vitae

Academic Education:

1974 to 1978 Military Technical University Martin, Czech Republic

1978 Advanced University degree Masters (Diploma)

1995 PhD - Military Academy Brno, Czech Republic

Professional experience:

- 1978 to 1981 – Military Engineering Battalion – officer   

- 1981 to 1995 – Military Institute of Ground Forces, Department: „Camouflage and Deception“

- 1995 to 2005 – Military Institute of Protection, Department: „Camouflage and Deception“

- 2005 till today – Military Research Institute, Department: „Camouflage and Deception“

- Areas of research:

  • Camouflage,
  • Concealment,
  • Deception,
  • Methods for UV, VIS, IR and radar CC&D equipment testing


- Since 1988 Deputy Head of the Department „Camouflage and Deception“

- Since 2000 Head of the Department „Camouflage and Deception“


- Czech Representative (Principal Voting Member) of NATO/STO SCI Panel

- Czech Representative (Technical Team Member) of NATO/STO SCI Research Task Groups:

-094, -117, -131, -145, -157, -179, -184, -188, -199, -200, -207, -212, -213, -230, -270, -273, -287, -295

- Scientific Achievement Award NATO/RTO:

- 2006: SCI-145 „Sensors & Sensor Denial by Camouflage, Concealment and Deception“

- 2012: SCI-179 „Utilization/Dynamic Control of Adaptive Camouflage Materials“

- 2015: SCI-200 „Mission Effectiveness of Denial and Deception“

- Czech Representative of NATO/AC/225-LCG/6

- Czech Representative of NATO/AC/225-LCG/6 CC&D EG

- Czech Representative of NATO/AC/224-JCGISR/CCDO WG

- Czech Representative of EU/EDA/GEM3/SPEC WG

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