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Robert Finkelstein

United States of America

Dr. Robert Finkelstein

Future Forces Forum

Robotic Technology Inc.


Autonomous Cars: Opportunities and Threats for the Military

The advent of commercially feasible autonomous cars and trucks is imminent, by 2020 or so.  This disruptive and transformational technology will have profound effects on the military, the automotive industry, and society.


We will discuss the opportunities for the military from the commercial availability of autonomous cars and trucks and how they might affect doctrine, strategy, and tactics.  We will examine the emerging threats arising from commercially available autonomous vehicles, especially from non-state adversaries, and we will consider prospective countermeasures. 

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Robert Finkelstein has more than 30 years of experience in technology and academia.  He is experienced as a scientist, manager, and entrepreneur in government and industry, in fields such as military and civil systems analysis; operations research; technology assessment and forecasting, and intelligent systems and robotic vehicles.  In addition to serving as President of Robotic Technology Inc. for more than 30 years and an adjunct Professor in Technology Management and Systems Engineering at the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) for more than 16 years, he is also an adjunct Professor at Unmanned Vehicle University (UVU). 


Education: Doctorate in the primary field of Systems Theory and Cybernetics and the supporting field of the Management of Science, Technology, and Innovation, the George Washington University (GWU, 1995); Ap.Sci. (Applied Scientist degree) in Operations Research (GWU, 1977); M.S. in Operations Research (GWU, 1974); M.S. in Physics (University of Massachusetts, 1966); B.A. in Physics (Temple University, 1964).  Also: LL.B. in American law and Procedure (LaSalle Extension University, 1971); Diplomas from the U.S. Army Missile School (1967) and U.S. Army Ordnance School (1966); Certificates from the University of Tennessee Space Institute (Combat Obscuration Modeling, 1978) and University of California, Los Angeles (Battlefield Robotics, 1983), and post-graduate courses in Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1968-1970). 

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