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Veronika Tunáková

Research & Development Czech Republic

Mrs. Veronika Tunáková MSc., Ph.D.

Future Forces Forum

Dept. of Material Engineering, Textile Faculty
Technical University of Liberec


Textile Structures with Electromagnetic Shielding Ability

POSTER: In recent years, conductive fabrics have obtained increased attention for electromagnetic shielding and anti-electrostatic purposes. This is mainly due to their desirable flexibility and lightweight. One way how conductive fabrics can be created is by using electrically conductive fibers. Second very promising possibility is to use fibers with deposition of metallic layer on their surface. In this lecture, the twill 2/2 woven fabrics with different content of conductive component (Inox staple fibers) in hybrid polypropylene yarns and thin, ultra lightweight and highly porous nonwovens with surface coating by copper, are investigated. The dependence between electric conductivity and EM shielding efficiency are quantified. It is experimentally proven that designed fabrics with increased resistivity to electromagnetic radiation fulfill requirements of thermo-physiological comfort for wearing.

Curriculum Vitae

A postdoctoral researcher of materials science and textile engineering with M.S. and Ph.D. degree in Textile Engineering from the Technical University of Liberec, Faculty of Textile Engineering in Czech Republic. In the area of smart and protective clothing, she works on development of textile structures with increased electric conductivity (implementation of metal fibers, application of conductive polymers and thin metal layers), she studies electric and electromechanic properties and electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of textile structures and she models shielding effectiveness parameters of planar textile structures based on the knowledge of electric, magnetic and geometric properties. She is involved in several national project and studies related especially to development of protective clothing and multifunctional textiles with advanced properties.

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