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Rajesh Mishra

Research & Development India

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rajesh Mishra

Future Forces Forum

Dept. of Material Engineering, Textile Faculty
Technical University of Liberec


Thermal Insulation Layers for Extreme Cold Weather Conditions

POSTER: Protection of soldiers in extreme cold weather conditions (temperatures below 25oC and severe wind) requires the construction of efficient thermal insulation layers used as part of their uniforms. For design purposes, it is necessary to specify suitable fiber type, construction of layers and their required thickness. Perpendicularly laid nonwoven structures of new ROTIS type can be prepared in tailor made variation of porosities and thickness due to changing of amplitude and density of “waves”. The proper selection of porosity and fiber fineness is important as well. The combination of active layers e.g. fibrous nano-assemblies with embedded aerogel particles by ROTIS technology will be presented. New device for measurement of total insulation in extreme cold conditions will be used for optimal thermal insulation layers design.

Curriculum Vitae

Senior researcher with titles in Textile Engineering from the Technical University of Liberec and Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Specialist in technical and functional clothing being involved in several international R&D projects and studies, related to smart and protective clothing and multifunctional textiles with wearables integration. Technical project manager of recent military projects namely for various Defence Agencies. Has more than 100 publications in international journals and about the same number of presentations in international conferences. His research and teaching activities are textile quality characterization, engineering of textile structures for extreme climatic conditions, biomechanics of apparel and technical clothing textiles etc.

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