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François Renaud

Research & Development France

Mr. François Renaud Ph.D.

Future Forces Forum

Professor emeritus, scientific advisor


A New Active Decontamination Mitt with Antichemical and Antibacterial Activities

When a chemical or microbial product has been spread on a surface, the harmful substance must be removed rapidly in order to stop the deleterious effect and avoid cross contaminations. The classical product like Fuller’s earth adsorbs the toxic and removes it from the support. However, the powder remains contaminated and causes cross contaminations. Other devices exist with a mono activity against biological or microbiological toxics. OUVRY SAS has developed a new concept of emergency decontamination mitt called “Polyvalent Decontaminant = DECPOL”. The innovative nature of this product lies in the synergy of the material adsorption capabilities around 600 % with the functionality of integrated active agents able to destroy both chemical and biological noxious substances without dispersion in the air avoiding cross contamination. DECPOL is able to neutralize more than 90 % of paraoxon (VX simulant), 7 log an Escherichia coli strain and 3 log of a Staphylococcus strain in 3 hours. This decontamination mitt is intended to be used in military applications (immediate decontamination) as well as by first responders (terrorist acts, industrial accident…), research laboratories.

Curriculum Vitae

Professor of microbiology at Lyon 1 University (France) Professor emeritus at UMR CNRS 5510/MATEIS, Team I2B „Biological Interactions and Biomaterials“ 60 international publications : H factor = 20 19 chapters in French books of microbiology Author or coauthor of 11 books Scientific advisor at OUVRY SAS company for 4 years

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