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Emiel Tijs

Research & Development Netherlands

Dr. Emiel Tijs

Future Forces Forum

Microflown AVISA


PALS, a Man-wearable Personal Acoustic Localization System

Networked arrays of stationary ground based Acoustic Multi-Mission Sensors are fielded in several (NATO) countries for the simultaneous localization of  gunshots and rockets/artillery/mortars.

As far as installation on moving platforms is concerned, arrays on both  ground vehicles and tactical drones are currently being introduced, leaving the dismounted soldier as a platform unaddressed. 

Co-funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Defense, Microflown AVISA started the development of a walking array, considering several challenging requirements.

From the dismounted soldier’s perspective, low size, weight and power are absolute “musts”. In addition, the sensors should comply with IP 67 standards to withstand immersion and dust. Furthermore, a network of sensor nodes is needed in challenging acoustic scenarios with reflections from buildings and other obstacles that can bias a single sensor node.

As a result of these requirements, a self-contained so-called mini-AMMS has been developed with adequate size, weight, and power consumption. The mini-AMMS is equipped with networking and geo-referencing capabilities to enable communication between nodes and capture the relative sensor position and orientation.

A networked ‘walking’ array of these mini-AMMS’s has been tested against small arms live firing in open field conditions in September 2016. This paper present the underlying technology, the results of this test, and an outlook on future developments.

Authors: Dr. Ing. Emiel Tijs, Ivan Artamonov MSc, David Cabo MSc, Charlie Dufort MSc, Microflown AVISA, the Netherlands 

Curriculum Vitae

Emiel Tijs graduated from the Saxion Hogeschool Enschede in 2004 and has been working at Microflown ever since. He obtained his PhD developing an in situ method to measure sound absorption at Twente University in 2013. His main tasks are developing and testing sensor applications for sound source localization and quantification, both for civil and recently also military applications. He continues to be involved with several National and European projects.

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