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Petr Blatný

POLICE Czech Republic

CPT Petr Blatný

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 Future Soldier Systems Conference (FSSC) 2016

Chief commissioner, D.S.D.A.T. diver/lector
Police Presidium of the Czech Republic


New Trends in Diving and Diving Equipment within Police Force of the Czech Republic

Presentation focuses on daily assignments of D.S.D.A.T. (Department of Special Diving Activities and Training) divers, especially on SAR operations, underwater search and recovery of criminal clues and on police diving in extreme conditions ( 100 m depths, cave systems, under ice diving, HAZMAT diving, etc.). At the same time, presentation will also touch the topic of underwater EOD missions recently performed by D.S.D.A.T. divers in Balkans (recovery of UXO from rivers Sava and Una in Bosnia and Herzegovina - relics from 1992 -1995 war). Second part of presentation will focus on introduction of new and modern technology used by D.S.D.A.T. divers (eCCR system LIBERTY, sonar system Kongsberg MS 1000 and more).

Curriculum Vitae


2008 - 2010          Faculty of Social Pedagogy , IMS Brno, University of T. Bata, Zlín - masters degree


1993 - 1996          Police Academy of the Czech Republic - bachelors degree


Diver lector / instructor - TDI SDI

Advanced Trimix Diver

Advanced Nitrox Diver

ERDi diver

eCCR LIBERTY certified diver

D.S.D.A.T. operator / diver

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