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Lenka Veverková

CBRN, Medical & Rescue Service Research & Development Czech Republic

Assoc. prof. Dr. Lenka Veverková M.D.

Future Forces Forum

Vice-chairperson, Czech Wound Management Association
Masaryk University


Czech Wound Management Association – its Role and Future Perspectives

POSTER: Czech Wound Management Association (Česká společnost pro léčbu ran - CSLR) was founded in 2001 as a multiprofessional organization associating different health care professionals engaged in comprehensive wound care. CWMA to date has 358 legitimate members. Our aims are promotion of multiprofessional cooperation based on the recent scientific evidence and various educational activities. We cooperate with national medical association and run successful collaboration with EWMA and EPUAP, we also participate in a number of international projects. Sharing of knowledge and expertise is realized mainly in form of the conferences and workshops.Our organization supports transfer and the implementation of new technologies and new treatment procedures into daily clinical practice (i.e. nanotechnology, new approaches to NPWT, special materials for skin integrity, new local treatment products especially with antimicrobial agents) and promotes their use in various facilities across the Czech Republic.

Curriculum Vitae


Main area of specialization: vascular surgery 

Masaryk University, Brno, Faculty of Medicine 1997 – 2002 PhD

1994 Specialized Examination in Vascular Surgery Prague

1987 Specialized Examination in General Surgery

1978 – 1984 MD University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně, Faculty of Medicine, Brno specialization: general medicine (the university was renamed in 1989 to Masaryk University)


Professional Experience:

1984 – present 1st Surgical Department, St. Anna’s Hospital, Brno

1992 – 1993Hospital on Homolka Prague at the hospital’s prestigeous Vascular Centre

1989 – 1991Bakeš Hospital  Žluty Kopec, Brno 18-month internship

1989 -1990 2nd Surgical Department Brno 6-month internship at the Vascular Centre

2004- IV –VI  Southwestern University Hospital Texas, USA -Division of vascular surgery

2006- European School of Surgery, Paris, course on robotic surgery

2006 – IRCAD/EITS – European Institute of Telesurgery France

2007- Los Angeles, University of Southern California course on robotic surgery

2007 – San Antonio Texas – course on KCI VAC

2008-   AKH Vienna – wound healing,

2009 – Centre for the healing of chronic wounds, Insbruck,

2009 – Loipersdorf – course on VAC therapy

2010 – Vienna, course on VAC therapy

2010 – Surgical hospital, University of Athens, Greece

2010 – Simulation centre, Northumbria University, Newcastle, Great Britain

2012 – University of Bordeaux France, Thoracic dep.

2013 -  Mayo Clinic Rochester, USA, Visiting Clinical program-Dept. of Vascular Surgery

2013 - NCVC Osaka, Japan

2014 – Karolinska University, Stockholm, Sweden

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