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Frederico Benolli

Research & Development Italy

Dr. Frederico Benolli

Future Forces Forum

Research Analyst
Observatory on Security and CBRNe Defence – OSDIFE


Medical CBRN as Educational Path through a New Way of Cooperation

The evolution of the current global situation, including the increasing terrorism threat, the refugee migration as well as the proliferation of both WMD and CBRN agents, constrains health authorities and security experts to face a growing likelihood of crises and hazardous events based on complex and multidimensional features. Such emergency scenarios require specific methods, procedures and competencies in order to prevent, manage and mitigate consequences. In this regard, a multi-agency and inter-institutional approach represents the fundamental basis in order to provide stakeholders with adequate instruments to implement plans, procedures and techniques as well as to improve useful and appropriate interventions in case of need. The purpose is to present an advanced educational methodology able to provide awareness in the Medical CBRN environment, taking advantage from a valuable cooperation between Academia, LEAs, Army and Healthcare Organizations as well.

Curriculum Vitae

Research analyst at the national “Observatory on Security and CBRNe Defence – OSDIFE” and one of main authors of the Report on CBRNe Events in the World. He has graduated in Criminal Law, and has perfected his competences through a Master’s Degree in “Forensic Science” as well as a Master’s Degree in “Electronic Systems and Technologies for Security, Defense and Intelligence,” in addition to several specialized courses on CBRN risk, Security, Defence and Intelligence. Moreover, Mr. Benolli has contributed to some research and analysis as well as European projects, concerning a wide range of topics, such as Organized Crime, Terrorism, CBRNe/WMD trends, Geospatial Intelligence, Emergency Management, Critical Infrastructures, Crime Prevention and Technologies as well. Finally, he has participated as speaker at some International Congress as well as lecturer during International training courses.

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