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Ian A. Fallis

Research & Development United Kingdom

Dr. Ian A. Fallis

Future Forces Forum

School of Chemistry
Cardiff University


High Fidelity CWA Tests for Generalist Use

The identification and confirmation of CWAs is a difficult and complex task, with a range of technological solutions currently employed. Basic detection methods typically have a high rate of false positives, while advanced technological solutions are expensive, subject to interferants and bear a significant training burden. We have developed a series of field-deployable tests for a range of H, G and V chemical agents based on a chemical reaction specific to the presence of each agent. These each give a coloured output to indicate the presence (or absence) of agent, and have been confirmed to be able to detect H, G and V type agents. The tests have been incorporated into a simple swab system designed to be usable with minimal training, and to allow simple operation and interpretation of the output while wearing PPE. These represent a novel, cost-effective alternative method to CWA detection for generalist use.

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Fallis is a Faculty member at Cardiff University (UK) in the School of Chemistry. He has published over 90 papers on various aspects of synthetic and analytical chemistry. His primary research interests are in functional molecules and materials for applications as sensors and in medicine

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