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František Vejražka

Research & Development Czech Republic

Prof. František Vejražka

Future Forces Forum

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Radioelectronics
Czech Technical University in Prague


Radio Position Determination – Satellite Methods and Opportunity Signals

The radio position determination has been until recently mainly a part of navigation of aircraft and ships. Arrival of satellite methods together with electronics developments and miniaturization have made it serviceable in many sectors of human life. However a permanent desire to have more and more precise position in any case has caused that many new problems have arisen: measured position under a vegetation canopy is not precise enough similarly as in urban canyons, indoor position determination is difficult and insufficiently accurate, etc. The small intensity of radio signals, a change of direction of their arrival by surrounding object are main reasons – so called hard conditions - of this state.

We can improve position determination by support with special signals produced by the reference stations. Their possibilities are limited, too.

But there are in the air even other signals which have potential possibility to serve for position determination. Their common property is the wide frequency band thanks which they can be used for distance measurement and thus for positioning. Such signals are produced by DVB-T, LTE transmitters e.g. The next advantage of these sources is high level of received signals. We call such signals as opportunity ones.

We can be a provider of navigation systems, too and produce own ranging signals of parameters required for precision position determination in hard condition.

Our contribution deals with the opportunity signals and the methods for hard conditions.

Curriculum Vitae


1996                    Professor, Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU)

1982                    Associate Professor, CTU

1972                    PhD, CTU

1965                    M.Sc., CTU

1960                    Electrical Technical School in Pardubice


 Professional Experience:

2001 – 2010        Vice-Rector, CTU

2000 – 2001        Vice Dean, CTU

1996 – present     Professor (Full), teacher, researcher, CTU

1994 – 2006        Head of the Dept. of Radioelectronics, CTU

1994 – present     Head of the Work Group Radio Systems, CTU

1992 - 1994         Deputy Head of Dept. of Radioelectronics, CTU

1982 – 1996        Associate Professor, teacher, researcher, CTU

1974 - 1992         Executive Secretary, Dept. of Radioelectronics, CTU

1970 – 1982        Assistant Professor, Dept. of Radioelectronics, CTU


Major Collaborations

2012 – 2019    project manager (Competence Centres Programme, Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

2011 – 2015    member of the Mission Evolution Advisory Group (MEAG) for satellite navigation, European Commission, Brussels

2010 – 2016    Deputy Head, International Association of Institutes of Navigation, London

2008 – present            Deputy Head of the European section of the Civil GPS System Interface Committee – International SubCommittee, U.S. Department of Transportation

2005 – 2011    Head of Research Project of Ministry of Education MSM 6840770014 „Research of Prospective Information and Communication Technologies”

2004 – 2006    Head of Czech Participation in project EC FP7 GARDA (GALILEO receiver), Alenia Spacio, Milano, Italy

2001 – present            „Action Team“ member, UN - OOSA, Vienna – participation in negotiations to GPS and Galileo systems become closer

2001 – 2006    Head of Project of Ministry of Transportation 802/210/112 „Czech Republic Participation in Galileo Project“

1999 – 2004    Head of Research Project of Ministry of Education MSM 212300014 „Research in information technologies and Communication” of prospective information and communication technologies”

1996 – 2001    Head of Czech participation in Copernicus project No. 708 – Terrestrial and Space Communication Network, EC

1995 – 1997    Head of Project “Implementation of GPS in Czech Army”, General Staff of Czech Army – Topography Service

1992 – 1995    COST project No. 227 – Terrestrial and Space Communication Network, EC, Brussels

1991 – present            Member of Civil GPS Information Service Committee – International Information Sub-committee (committee in a structure of US Department of Transport)

1990 – 1995    DGPS reference station development, CTU

1984 – 1990    development of GPS receiver prototype for Mesit, Uherské Hradiště

1981 – 1984    author of the project of equipping an aircraft L410 with Omega receiver, VZLÚ Praha


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