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Pavel Maňas

Research & Development Czech Republic

COL Assoc. prof. Pavel Maňas Ph.D.

Future Forces Forum

Head of Department of Engineer Technologies, Faculty of Military Technology
University of Defence


The SMARTEN Project - Reduction of Energy Consumption in the Field

Co-presentation with LTC Ladislav KRECH

The Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic launched a  project to develop a  conceptual solution aimed at reducing the energy consumption and fuel dependency in the operational field. 

The two-year project will give impulses for further development of technologies and subsequent procurement processes of energy efficient solutions for the national deployable forces.

By the end of the first year (2016) a comprehensive concept will be published and discussed among the stakeholder community. 

During 2017 laboratory tests and technology demonstrations will be conducted and assessed for interoperability with conventional equipment that is currently in use and for the total cost/savings.


Co-authors: LTC Ladislav KRECH; Assoc. Prof. Stanislav ROLC

Curriculum Vitae

COL Pavel Maňas obtained his PhD in 1998 from the University of the Czech Armed Forces, where he followed the curriculum of academia and education for future officers .

Today, Pavel is Head of the Department of Engineering Technology at the national University of Defence that provides the Czech Military with expertise and research & development projects in the field of military structures. In his present role he is responsible for the education of young officers of the Czech Corps of Engineers. His main focus is on technical aspects for general engineering support. Pavel is also responsible for research activities and interdisciplinary cooperation with other academic bodies affiliated with the military, industry, research institutes and universities.

Pavel’s  special interest lies in modelling and simulation technology, CAD and CAE technology, structural analysis of military and protective structures and the effects of weapons on military structures.

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