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Michael Lotas

United States of America

Mr. Michael Lotas

Future Forces Forum

Cyber Security Architect


Creating the Right Haystack to Find the Needle(s)

Curriculum Vitae

Executive Summary
■ Mr. Lotas has over 20 years of relevant professional experience in both digital and physical security
■ Core focus areas include Security Engineering, Incident Response, Digital Forensics, CERT/SOC operations, national level strategic cyber planning
Prior Experience
■ Chief Cyber Security Architect for Fidelis Director International Services
■ Chief Security Architect for General Dynamics Fidelis
■ Regional Director International Business
■ Multi-Level Security Architect
■ Cyber Warfare in commercial and government spaces
■ U.S. Army Special Forces – 18C and 18D qualified
■ BS Computer Science – Park University, Missouri, USA
Languages: English

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