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Tomáš Pitner

Research & Development Czech Republic

Assoc. Prof. Tomáš Pitner

Future Forces Forum

Scientific Director
Masaryk University; CERIT Science Park


Critical Information Infrastructure Protection panelist

Curriculum Vitae

Tomáš Pitner received his PhD from Masaryk University in 1998 in the area of environmental informatics. Recently, research interests include critical infrastructure, monitoring systems, smart grids, intelligent buildings and mobile platforms. He is head of the Lab Software Architectures and Information Systems (Lasaris). He has co-founded the Association of Industrial Partners and leads the R&D collaboration with several companies. Now he serves as the scientific director at the CERIT Science Park of Masaryk University.
He has been member of the Expert group on Software Services in new EU-member states and led numerous research projects including EU-ones. He leads the Czech Academic Expert Group on Smart Metering and Smart Grids and conducts large contractual research in this area.

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