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Tomáš Vobruba

Czech Republic

Mr. Tomáš Vobruba

Future Forces Forum

Security Architect


I know, that I know nothing

Curriculum Vitae

He was born in 1976 in Liberec. He graduated in 1996 from grammar school specializing in mathematics, physics and computing. He continued in studying of mathematics at the Masaryk University in Brno (Faculty of nature science). He is employed in the AEC as a member of the technical support focusing on a comprehensive network security, security of UNIX systems and application servers. He has gained numbers certificates from professional trainings focused on the issue of UNIX /Linux, antivirus products, data encryption, security and analysis of systems and others. In 2003 he was granted an authorization from NSA (classification level confidential). Tomas is also pursue in extensive lecturing not only at conferences AEC, but also, for example at AFOI or Lan-Com. He leads technical trainings on anti-virus and other products, encryption, network (internet) communication, network (internet) security and firewalls. Articles of publications can be found in journals IT Systems, Chip, ITnet others.

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