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Hans Kariis

Research & Development Sweden

Dr. Hans Kariis

Future Forces Forum

Department of Electrooptical Systems
Swedish Defence Research Agency


Assessment Methods for Camouflage in Operational Context

Detecting the enemy before the enemy detects you increases your survivability. To provide evidence that advanced camouflage gives this utility in the operational context a new NATO task group has started on ”Assessment Methods for Camouflage in Operational Contexts”. The group marks a change from its predecessors; from evaluating coatings and patterns in various environments, to measuring the influence of camouflage on operations. To ensure military relevance we will seek significant input from officers currently serving in the forces of the participating nations: Sweden (lead), the Netherlands, Germany, France, Australia, USA, Estonia, UK and the Czech Republic. The group will use scenarios to highlight the multispectral nature of camouflage. Several modelling and simulation tools will be employed in the work.

Curriculum Vitae

Hans Kariis was born 1967 in Sweden. He studied physics and chemistry and received his Ph D in applied physics from Linköping University, Sweden, in 1998. The thesis deals with surface modification and infrared properties of metals. At FOI (Swedish Defence Research Agency) Dr Kariis has been working since 1998 with eye protection, signature management, sensors, paint characterisation and camouflage equipment. Currently he is managing a project dealing with advanced materials for signature management for the Swedish Armed Forces. He is also involved in training and education activities at FOI and at the Swedish National Defence College. Dr Kariis was the chairman of the NATO RTO Task group SCI-230 on "Advanced Materials, Systems and Evaluation Methods for AdaptiveCamouflage" and coordinated the EDA project “Adaptive camouflage for the soldier”.

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