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Max Winkelmann

Research & Development Germany

Dr. Max Winkelmann

Future Forces Forum

Research Institute FhG IOSB


Adaptive Camouflage – the EDA Project ACAMS

ACAMS is a one year feasibility study with the main objective to transform novel and promising advances in materials and textile technologies into a suggestion of an adaptive camouflage concept for the dismounted soldier. The activities include threat analysis, scenario development, cost and production analysis and evaluation techniques. The innovative aspect is the combination of competences in materials and components with military aspects, system integration, evaluation and industrial production. The results from the project can be used by armed forces while setting requirements, assigning development programs and assessing new commercial products coming to the market. To demonstrate the investigated technologies, a “proof of concept” in the shape of a poncho is produced and shown by the project team. The poncho is, however, not intended for operational use. Suggestions for a follow-on-project developing the “proof of concept” into a demonstrator are given.

Curriculum Vitae

2001: diploma on physics at the University of Karlsruhe

2001-2007: scientist at the University of Karlsruhe

2006: graduation at University of Karlsruhe in physics (NMR spectroscopy)

since 2007: scientist at research institute FhG IOSB (former FGAN-FOM)

area of work

  • Development of assessment procedures for camouflage
  • Assessment of deception, decoys and camouflage
  • Development of camouflage assets
  • Focus on thermal signatures of camouflage and other objects
  • Participation in several NATO and EDA activities and the ISR-DEU cooperation
  • Spectral analysis of camouflage materials and backgrounds

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