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Mark Dumville

Research & Development United Kingdom

Mr. Mark Dumville

Future Forces Forum

General Manager
Nottingham Scientific Ltd


GNSS Vulnerabilities and Potential Solutions

GNSS is being used for an ever increasing range of safety, security, business and policy critical applications and  embedded into many parts of European critical infrastructures.  Most GNSS applications rely on unhindered access to the L1/E1 frequency which is used by GPS, EGNOS and GALILEO. This includes consumer, professional and safety of life services. International economies are now dependent on GNSS.  At the same time as GNSS is penetrating all aspects of society, business and policy, GNSS vulnerabilities are being exposed and threats of denial of GNSS services are increasing.  The paper will present the latest information on GNSS threats and vulnerabilities from results obtained from the STRIKE3 global monitoring network which is aiming to detect, characterise and catalogue a global register of threat waveforms.

Curriculum Vitae


BEng in Civil Engineering

PhD in Satellite Geodesy

Professional Experience:

Company Director and Co-founder of Nottingham Scientific Limited (NSL)


Member of UKSPACE Satellite Navigation Committee (2000-ongoing)

Member of Intellect Position and Timing Committee (2000-ongoing)

Founding member of PINPOINT Faraday Partnership (2003)

Founding member of Advisory Board “GNSS Research and Applications Centre of Excellence (GRACE)” (2007-2011)

Member of Executive Board “Satellite Applications Catapult Centre” (2012)

Member of Advisory Board EMBRACE regional centre for space applications (2014 – ongoing)

Vice Chairman of EC Mission Evolution Advisory Board (MEAG) responsible for defining options for next generation E-GNSS missions (2012-14)

Vice Chairman of UK Position, Navigation and Timing Committee of UKSPACE trade association (2013-ongoing)


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