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Francis Hérodin

CBRN, Medical & Rescue Service Research & Development France

Mr. Francis Hérodin PharmD, PhD

Future Forces Forum

Chair of NATO HFM-222 RTG, Expert in Radiobiology
French Army Biomedical Research Institute


Activities of the NATO HFM-222 Research Task Group on Ionizing Radiation Effects and Medical Countermeasures

The NATO Human Factors and Medicine (HFM) Panel contributes to optimize health, human protection, well being and performance of the human in operational environments. The HFM-222 RTG has been tasked to provide NATO leaders with the state of the art in medical countermeasures against nuclear and radiological threats. The mission of this RTG is to develop improved methods to prevent, assess, treat, and manage casualties and long-term health effects (stochastic and non stochastic) associated with ionizing radiation exposure from evolving threats in military operations. The RTG focuses mainly on early events related to RDD and RED scenarios to improve medical responses for mass casualty management. Among its main topics are radiation injury assessment and biodosimetry, prophylaxis, mitigation and therapy, radiobiology mechanisms and late effects, combined injury and internal contamination modeling, radiation preparedness and networking. As an example, the HFM-222 RTG has been involved in preparedness through two biological and clinical dosimetry exercises conducted by the German Army Institute of Radiobiology. Finally, HFM-222 RTG translates its medical expertise in recommendations to NATO COMEDS and guidance to inform field commanders and deployed forces.

Curriculum Vitae

Pharmacist and Biologist by training. Past-Head of Department of Radiobiology at the French Army Biomedical Research Institute (IRBA). Expert in Nuclear and Radiation Medical Defense, Francis Herodin has been conducting for 30 years preclinical studies dealing with the treatment of acute radiation syndrome (hematopoietic injury and extrahematologic toxicity) based on cytokine therapy and stem cell therapy. Supervisor of the Military Medical Service Radiation Biodosimetry Capability (cytogenetics and biomarkers). President of the Military Medical Service Ethics Committee for Animal Research.

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