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Klára Kubelková

CBRN, Medical & Rescue Service Research & Development Czech Republic

1LT Klára Kubelková Ph.D.

Future Forces Forum

Faculty of Military Health Sciences, Department of Molecular Pathology and Biology
University of Defence


Investigation of Microbial-host Interactions for Development of Decontamination and Biodefence Strategies

Glycosylation is a key modification of proteins and lectin-carbohydrate interactions are essential in many host-microbial processes including adherence, colonization and infection. To study important carbohydrate-mediated microbial interactions, high-throughput lectin and glycan microarrays are increasingly utilised. These platforms can be custom made to cover a wide range of specificities, carbohydrates presented on glycoproteins and neoglycoconjugates (NGCs) and allow screening of multiple interactions with low sample and probe usage, providing high data yield at the same time. After an initial microarray screening the most significant binding partners can be further explored using other glycobiology techniques. This study was supported by a long-term organization development plan 1011 obtained from the Czech Ministry of Defense and A-1152-RT-GP obtained from European Defence Agency

Curriculum Vitae

Klara Kubelkova has completed her PhD at the University of Defence (UoD), Faculty of Military Health Sciences (FoMHS). She is a member of cell biology group of Department of Molecular Pathology and Biology, FoMHS, UoD. She is a member of Academic Senate of FoMHS, UoD and co-investigator of many scientific grants supported by Czech Ministry of Defense and Czech Science Foundation. She has published many scientific papers and book chapters in reputed journals.

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