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Richard Mácha

Czech Republic

LTC (Ret.) Richard Mácha

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Czech National Armaments Director Representative
Permanent Delegation of the Czech Republic to HQ NATO


NATO Capability Roadmap Areas 

Addressing priority capability areas coherently, across the DOTMLPFI (doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel and facilities)  spectrum, from the short to the longer term is a new way of working for the Alliance and is intended to be achieved over time. Roadmaps should be seen an instrument of The NATO Defence Planning Process (NDPP) Step 4.  Consistently connected with the other steps, they will help the Alliance move away from the anecdotal “snapshots” of priorities presented periodically as an outcome of Summit or Ministerial meetings and provide an enduring tool allowing Allies to measure and report progress toward delivering on critical capabilities. This should improve NDPP effectiveness and help nations make effective defence investment choices as they implement the Defence Investment Pledge. Roadmaps aim at providing nations with a tool for comprehensive and coherent NDPP capability development in priority capability areas, from the short to the longer term, which can inform national decisions on defence investment. 

Curriculum Vitae

Current Office position: National Armament Director Representative to NATO


1987-1990                MoD Prague - Department of Military Transport Prague

1988-1993                General Staff - Arms Control Agency Prague - Inspector

1993                         NETHERLANDS - ´t Harde – Military expert

1994                          IRAQ - UN Mission – UNGCI UN - guard, communication officer

1994-1996                MoD Prague - Arms Control Agency – CFE, VD Inspector

1995-1997                MoD Prague - Military and Strategy  Policy Division

1996-2001                Embassy of the Czech Republic in AUSTRIA – Permanent Mission to the OSCE    Vienna - Military advisor (LtCol)                      

1997-2002                MoD Prague - Deputy Chief of the International Relation Department

1998                         Embassy of the Czech Republic in AUSTRIA - Defence advisor in OSCE

2004-2007                MoD Prague - Defence Policy nad Strategy Division - Chief of

                         International Relation Department                        

2007-2009        Embassy of the Czech Republic in STATE of ISRAEL

                         NATO Defence advisor for NATO CPE (Contact Point Embassy)

2009-2014        MoD – National Armaments Office - Armaments Management, 

                   Research and Development Department

2014-2015        Industrial Cooperation Division MoD Prague

2015-                National Armament Director Representative, Permanent Delegation of the Czech Republic to HQ NATO, Belgium

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