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Petr Kavka

Research & Development Czech Republic

Petr Kavka Ph.D.

Future Forces Forum

Assistant Professor
Czech Technical University in Prague


Czech PRT in Logar Province

POSTER:  The contribution presents selected examples of structures, which was build during the tenure of PRT in Logar province.

Development assistance in the midst of war under the protection of armed forces does have a number of disadvantages, but sometimes it is the only stable and efficient option. An example of linking civilian experts and military forces may be just the Czech PRT in Logar province. Once during the first year they managed to promote small hydro-technical structures and establish long-term strategy in the water management next to the "traditional" reconstruction projects such as schools and hospitals.

Major problem is a lacking of the input data (rainfall, flow, temperature, evaporation), on the basis of which it was possible to simply decide on the appropriateness. Hydrological study was carried out on selected river basin by PRT and hydrological measurements began.

Curriculum Vitae


Period                  09/2004 – 09/2012

Achieved Qualification                 PhD.

Specialization                    Environmental Engineering, focused on measuring and simulation of erosion process.

Czech Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering


Period                  09/1998 – 06/2004

Achieved Qualification                 Ing.

Specialization                    Enviromental Engeniering

Czech Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering


Period                  09/1994-06/1998

Achieved Qualification                 School-leaving exam

Specialization                    Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Secondary School, Prague

Professional Experience:

Period  2010 - Since       

Profession / Executed Position Assisant profesor, CTU in Prague           

Main Job Description and Field of Responsibility

-              Education and leading of students

-              Team leader of rainfall simulation group

-              2015 – 2017 Leader od project MZE QJ1520265 -             


Period                  3/2009 – 6/2009

Profession / Executed Position                Technical Expert, Support of Czech Provincial team

Main Job Description and Field of Responsibility

-              Definition and placing of hydrogeological study of Khoshi river basin

-              Education and support for field experts from following team

-              Examination new projects

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Loretanske nam. 5, Prague 1, 118 00, Czech Republic

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