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Josef Novotný

Research & Development Czech Republic

LTC Josef Novotný Dipl. Eng., Ph.D.

Future Forces Forum

Deputy Head of Department of Military Geography and Meteorology
University of Defence


Teaching of Meteorology at the University of Defense

The teaching of meteorology at the University of Defense is currently realized through accredited programs of bachelor and magister degrees. Apart from military students, the courses are also available for civil students, who are trained for security sector. As the military studies came through a formal change (the so-called SP-2014), the meteorology became one of the disciplines constituting the knowledge base for every officer of the Army of the Czech Republic. From the original concept of meteorology, that mainly covered the needs of air traffic management and education of pilots, nowadays the range of meteorological knowledge has evolved to affect such military specializations as for example chemical army, biological protection units as well as ground troops and artillery. The present tendencies of new technology application (e.g. meteorological information systems) can be expected to intensify in the near future not only for educational, but also scientific and expert activities. The resulting practical advantages are used by the department since 2014 in the form of data collected from professionally equipped university meteorological station. An alternative direction of the future department research represents the study of employment of unmanned aerial vehicles, for the purpose of different meteorological applications.

Curriculum Vitae

After graduation from the Military Academy in Military Meteorology in 1994 he had been working at the Military Weather Service for 11 years at various positions. His focus ranged from Aviation Meteorology to Satellite image Interpretation. In 2002-2003 and 2005 he completed studies at the Met Office College in Exeter, UK. In 2005 he started teaching at the University of Defence in Brno and lecturing on Remote Sensing, Aviation Meteorology and Meteorological Support. In 2009-2010 he served as the team leader and the Senior National Representative in MONUC/ MONUSCO in Democratic Republic of Congo and Staff Weather Officer at the HQ ISAF in Kabul, Afghanistan. In 2008 he finished his PhD studies in Remote Sensing. At present, Lieutenant Colonel Novotný is the deputy head of the Department of Military Geography and Meteorology at the University of Defence in Brno.

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