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Vladimír Kovařík

Research & Development Czech Republic

COL Assoc. Prof. Vladimír Kovařík Ph.D.

Future Forces Forum

Head of the Department of Military Geography and Meteorology
University of Defence


Specifics of the Thematic Map Production at a Strategic Command Level

Experience from working at a strategic command level both at NATO and EU shows that there are certain specifics brought by the working environment, technical conditions, organizational conditions, staff structure, and other factors that significantly influence the geospatial support activities at that command level. Standard geographic products are usually of a little use in this environment and thematic maps represent products that are required by customers most often. These specifics are great responsibility of a mapmaker, absence of a production team, unknown destinations of maps, incomplete and incorrect orders, political corectness of maps, delivery time requirements, employing the DTP tools, utilizing someone else's products, classification of maps, releasability of maps, variety of map types and formats, production originality, and some other. Despite these specifics the mapmaker should always respect cartographic principles and rules to ensure the cartographic communication process is working.

Curriculum Vitae

After graduating in Geodesy and Cartography at the Military Academy in 1986 he had been working at the Military Topographic Institute in Dobruška for 12 years at various positions. His focus ranged from topographic map updating to software engineering. In 1994-95 he was studying the Master of Science Course in Defence Geographic Information at the Royal School of Military Survey in Hermitage, UK. In 1998 he started teaching at the Military Academy in Brno and he was lecturing on remote sensing, imagery intelligence and geospatial support. In 2009 he served as the Chief Geospatial Officer and the Senior National Representative of the two Czech contingents at the HQ KFOR in Pristina, Kosovo. Colonel Kovařík also had been working as a national expert for several years at various European institutions, such as the European Union Military Staff in Brussels, Belgium, or the European Union Satellite Centre in Torrejón de Ardoz, Spain. In 2005 he finished his PhD studies in Remote Sensing, in 2015 he became the Associated Professor in Geodesy and Cartography. At present, Colonel Kovařík is the head of the Department of Military Geography and Meteorology and the Vice-Dean for Research of the Faculty of Military Technology at the University of Defence in Brno, Czech Republic.

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