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Václav Talhofer

Research & Development Czech Republic

COL (Ret.) Assoc. Prof. Václav Talhofer Dipl. Eng.

Future Forces Forum

Department of Military Geography and Meteorology
University of Defence


Model of Cross-Country Movement Verification: Case Study

One of the fundamental tactical activities is maneuver, which is provided on the terrain. Maneuverability is mainly limited by terrain, its components and current conditions. Reliable geospatial information enables to support decision-making of commanders including manoeuvers planning. Geographic information systems allow modelling of an influence of the individual terrain components on movement of military vehicles depending on their technical and tactical characteristics. The quality of data sources and used models is necessary to consider in such as modelling. The Department of Military Geography and Meteorology at the University of Defence in Brno is focusing its research to this domain. The case study deals with verification of complex models of the Cross-Country Movement that were created using standard digital geographic data for typical vehicles being used in the Czech Army.

Co-authors: Mr. Marian RYBANSKÝ, Mr. Alois HOFMANN, Mr. Martin HUBÁČEK, Mrs. Šárka HOŠKOVÁ-MAYEROVÁ

Curriculum Vitae

Mr. Talhofer has been working in various positions in parts of the Ministry of Defence: Military Topographic Institute (1978-1980), Military Academy (1980-1993), General Staff of the Army of the Czech Republic (1994-1995), Military Academy, later on University of Defence (since 1996). He was officer till 2011, his last rank was colonel. His present position is university teacher. Václav Talhofer has participated on many research project focused mainly to geographic and cartographic applications in military a crisis branches. He led several of them in the position of the responsible researcher. He is author and co-author of 100+ publications including 60+ papers and 40+ speeches, mainly in the cartographic, geographic and geoinformatics branches. He has organized, in roles of either the executive director or chairman of the program committee, more than 10 international and national conferences. Mr. Talhofer has been president of the Czech Cartographic Society since 2013, he was its vice-president for 15 years before. He has been the chairman of the scientific council of the Chief of the Geographic Service of ACR since 2006.

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