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Teodor Baláž

Research & Development Czech Republic

LTC Assoc. Prof. Teodor Baláž Dipl. Eng., Ph.D.

Future Forces Forum

Head of PATV (Optics) Group of Weapons Systems Department
University of Defence


The Possibilities of Hyperspectral Imaging for Improving of Validation of Superficial Quality of Spectral Features of Camouflage Surfaces

The paper deals with description of upcoming method of Hyperspectral camera utilization for determination of superficial quality of spectral features of camouflage surfaces. Camouflage, the art of blending, is the endeavor to match the spectral signatures of the subject with the spectral signature of its background. The validation of spectral requirements on the camouflage materials (e.g. prints) in laboratory conditions is the task that plays the significant role of getting the better camouflage. Hyperspectral techniques described in this paper could improve the quality of control mechanism by changing the concept of spectral defects identification on the camouflage prints and thereby it increases the effectiveness of camouflage. The measurement of camouflage prints with HS camera for determination the superficial quality of spectral features of camouflage surfaces is designed as an extension of actual spot measurement that is applied in the current condition of ACR.

Co-Authors: Mr. Adam JOBÁNEK, MAJ František RACEK, CPT. Jaroslav KREJČÍ

Curriculum Vitae

Academic Education:

1980 to 1985 Military Academy in Brno, Czech Republic

1990 Military Academy in Brno – Ph.D. in Weapon Systems

2003 Military Academy in Brno – Assoc. Prof.



Professional experience:

1985 to 1987 – Office of amunitions store of artillery batallion

1987 to 1990 – Military Academy in Brno; Ph.D.

1990 to 2002 – Military Academy in Brno; lecturer of Departments of weapons


2002 till today – University of Defence; head of PATV (optics) group of

                        Weapons systems department



Areas of research:

  • Optical reconnaissance systems,
  • Aiming devices,
  • Optical devices,
  • Fire Control Systems,
  • Hyperspectral Imaging.




- participation in many research projects connected to weapon systems, optical reconnaissance or optical measurement,

- expert of quality appreciation of laser systems.



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