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Zuzana Šinkorová

CBRN, Medical & Rescue Service Research & Development Czech Republic

COL (GS) Assoc. Prof. Zuzana Šinkorová MVD, Ph.D.

Future Forces Forum

Head Department of Radiobiology, Faculty of Military Health Sciences, Chairperson of the Medical Workshop
University of Defence


Biodosimetric Methods in the Army of Czech Republic

Biodosimetric markers are body-born materials capable of reporting on the received radiation dose. In addition to their accessibility, sensitivity and reliability, they should provide required data as quickly as possible, since time is a critical factor for successful treatment of accidentally irradiated individuals. The aim of the Department of Radiobiology on the Faculty of Military Health Sciences is to design, evaluate, and compare different biodosimetric methods and based on their efficiency eventually to introduce reliable biodosimetric markers for practical usage in the Army of the Czech Republic. Peripheral blood lymphocytes and their subpopulations are attractive targets for retrospective determination of obtained dose because they are very susceptible to ionizing radiation and it is quite easy to collect them from irradiated ones. As a rapid tool for estimation of irradiation-associated body damage, we propose the application of flow cytometry for determination of absolute count changes and analysis of relative proportions of lymphocyte subpopulations. In order to estimate the obtained dose competently, it is advisable to apply complementary methods such as immunohistochemistry (where antibody-antigen reaction is visualized through an enzyme-mediated process in the tissue sections) or other traditional laboratory techniques such as Western blot used for detection of specific proteins, which are expressed during radiation-induced DNA damage response (e.g. p53, p21 etc.) Furthermore, PCR is suitable for studies on radiation-induced gene expression alterations. Last but not least, we exploit a progressive method in the field for protein biomarker studies - mass spectrometry. The mutual collaboration of researchers in the department with different experimental approaches brings new results and interesting insights in the field of basic biodosimetric research. Acknowledgement: This work was supported by the Ministry of Defense (A long-term organization development plan no. 1011).

Curriculum Vitae

COL Zuzana SINKOROVA has been employed at the University of Defence as a chief of Department of Radiobiology, Faculty of Military Health Sciences, University of Defence, Czech Republic. She holds the Deputy Chairman position in the Faculty Senate and is a member of Committee of Czech Society for Radiobiology and crisis planning. She is also member of European Radiation Research Society and International and Czech Society for analytical cytology. Her scientific work is dedicated to radiobiology, biodosimetry and modern approach of flow cytometry. Her work resulted into 85 papers with Impact factor, citation index = 125 and h- index = 17.

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